5 new journal papers are published

LORIS group recently published 5 new journal articles, on topics ranging from efficient file synchronization (Sala, Schoeny, Bitouze, Dolecek, TCOM, June 2016), to LDPC codes for multi-level Flash and modern HDDs (Hareedy, Lanka, Dolecek, JSAC, Sept. 2016) and (Hareedy, Amiri, Galbraith, Dolecek, TCOM, Aug. 2016), and to spatially coupled codes (Amiri, Reisizadeh, Esfahanizadeh, Kliewer, Dolecek, TCOM, Sept. 2016) and (Esfahanizadeh, Hareedy, Dolecek, TMAG, Jan. 2017). See pubs for the updated list.