Post-doc positions available!

2 postdoc positions available in Prof. Lara Dolecek’s research group at UCLA, starting this fall. We are looking for talented students who want to work on one of the following:

1. Coding theoretic methods and algorithms for emerging memories and modern computing systems

2. New algorithms and coding-theoretic techniques for data management (data science)

Both projects are interdisciplinary. Postdocs will be working closely with Prof. Dolecek and a vibrant group of graduate students, and will have the opportunity to collaborate with other researchers and to interact with our industry sponsors.

Strong background in mathematics and interest in interdisciplinary research are required.

Prospective students should contact us via email at

with subject line

[Prospective postdoc interested in LORIS research]

along with their CV and 3 selected publications. Students should plan to arrange for 2 letters of recommendation to be sent to the email address above.

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