(April 2018) Memorable Paper Award and a Runner-Up Recognition at NVMW 2018

We have received the inaugural Memorable Paper Award at the Non-Volatile Memories Workshop (NVMW) in the area of devices, coding, and information theory on March 13th, 2018, for our paper titled “A Three-Stage Approach for Designing Non-Binary Spatially-Coupled Codes for Flash Memories,” and authored by A. Hareedy, H. Esfahanizadeh, and L. Dolecek. Our other work titled “Order Optimal Permutation Codes in the Generalized Cayley Metric,” by S. Yang, C. Schoeny, and L. Dolecek was recognized as a runner-up in the same category.

UCLA press release is here. UCSD information on the award is here.

(Oct 2017) Best paper award at CASES 2017.

We have won another best paper award (5th paper award in under 2 years!).

This one is for the joint work with Prof. Gupta and his students on new methods (including novel context-dependent ECC methods) for low-cost IoT devices. The paper titled “Low cost memory fault tolerance for IoT devices,” and is authored by Mark Gottscho, Irina Alam, Clayton Schoeny, Lara Dolecek, and Puneet Gupta.

UCLA announcement is here: http://www.ee.ucla.edu/ece-students-irina-mark-and-clayton-win-best-paper-award-at-cases-conference-in-embedded-systems-week/

(June 2017) Multiple awards and honors for LORIS students: Fred, Clayton & Ahmed.

  1. Clayton Schoeny and Ahmed Hareedy are both selected as the recipients of the prestigious UCLA Dissertation Year Fellowship.
  2. Ahmed Hareedy is selected to receive Excellence in Teaching Award from the EE Department for outstanding performance as a TA. This highly competitive award is given annually to only a single course TA in the department.
  3. Fred Sala will augment his best dissertation award with another honor: Fred is selected as one of only two marshals for the campus wide UCLA Doctoral Ceremony. This honor is bestowed upon students with truly outstanding academic records.

New journal paper on sequence reconstruction from insertion-induced traces

New journal paper by F. Sala, R. Gabrys, C. Schoeny, and L. Dolecek, and titled “Exact Reconstruction from Insertions in Synchronization Codes,” will appear in IEEE Transactions on Information Theory. The paper offers a closed form solution on the number of insertion-induced traces needed for exact codeword reconstruction, for codewords of  synchronization code. Proof heavily relies on combinatorial arguments. The results have applications in domains that study sequence reconstruction from “difficult” channels such as insertions and deletions, as encountered in e.g., phylogenomics.