Research Areas

LORIS laboratory works on developing mathematical tools and techniques for a broad range of modern data storage technologies, future quantum computing and distributed computing systems, and new data science and machine learning applications.

Our research aims to develop mathematical solutions that offer principled design guidelines and performance guarantees, while fundamentally advancing analytical toolbox at large. We rely on mathematical tools that span coding and information theory, combinatorics, statistics, and algorithms to solve cutting edge research problems. Our research has been supported by by both state and federal agencies, as well as several private companies, and has been recognized by many research and paper awards won by our team members.

We always welcome talented students to join our team. If you are interested  in joining LORIS, please read THIS first.

Our current research activities are on the following topics:

  • Data Science and Algorithms for Large-Scale Data Management; Data Synchronization, Deduplication, Reconciliation.  (Learn more)

    Theoretical Foundations of New Computing Paradigms; In-memory Computing, Approximate Computing, and Noisy Computing.  (Learn more)

  • Coding Theoretic and Combinatorial Methods for Next-Generation Storage Systems and Modern Memories.  (Learn more)

    [color-box color=”white”] Confluence of data, computing, and storage; Context-based coding; Coding for Machine Learning; Software-Defined ECC. (Learn more) [/color-box]

  • [color-box color=”yellow”] Graph-Theoretic Methods and Applications; LDPC Codes and Spatially Coupled Codes.  (Learn more) [/color-box]

    [color-box color=”white”]  Emerging Applications of Algebraic and Combinatorial Methods; DNA Storage and Phylogenomics.  (Learn more) [/color-box]